Hoping against Hope...


It's a grey and rainy fall day and I can't wait to curl up on the couch, remote in hand. I'm ready to hunker down and spend all night watching midterm election coverage. I mean, I'm confident that the Dems are going to take Congress, but what about the Senate? It could happen! It could happen! I am full of hope.

I should be careful though.

I've been full of hope before. And look where that got me.

The races that I'm the most interested in following are the ones involving Harold Ford Jr (how can you not love a Democrat savvy enough to print the 10 commandments on the back of his business card?!), and Rick Santorum (how can you not want to watch that assclown get his just desserts?!). Something tells me this is going to be good television...

How will a big win for the Democrats (and therefore a big loss for Bush and the neo-cons) impact those of us up here in the Great White North? Well, after Harper has seized every opportunity to align his government with the Bush administration, the weaker they become, the weaker Harper becomes. Won't he have to cut and run on Afghanistan and nuclear proliferation and global warming and well, all of it if Bush and Co. are faced with a hostile Congress and all that entails? Without strong International support for his backwards and wrong headed policies and ideals won't he be forced to listen to the will of the Canadian people? Or will ideology prevail over good sense, prompting our neocon Prime Minister to maintain his grip on a failed president? Only time will tell. Only time will tell.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Lurkers alike, I give you Stephen Harper (just because I never get tired of seeing this picture):

And with his BFF, in his big boy clothes:

Here's hoping it's a rough night for the both of them.


  1. More good news ... this just in:

    The Rats are Jumping Ship!!

  2. Tracey,
    "Something tells me this is going to be good television..."

    I stole your line by accident. My latest blog is: "Now that's good tv." Apologies!

  3. oh, and yes, Santorum is an AssClown. How true. How accurate.

  4. Great minds, Trish, great minds! :)

  5. Great minds! I like that.


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