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I'm too hung over from all the self-medicating that I did last night while watching the election coverage to do much, let alone make sense. If we were all going the way of the redneck I figured I might as well go down in style, guzzling champagne cocktails. That was probably misguided. What some people would call a bad idea. Destructive, shooting yourself in the foot know, like voting conservative.




Of course there is hope. Sort of. This is a minority government and we all know how easily they fall. Sometimes. My real, honest to goodness, don't really want to know the answer cause it's too scary, question is this...if our electorate was so hell bent on change for the sake of change in order to punish the liberals that they went running into the arms of a fraud will they care when he rips off his smiley campaign mask and reveals the Reform Party leader that he truly is? Will they care that the whole country could be headed for the same sort of destruction that Ontario saw under Mike Harris? Will it make them think twice when they see our social programs crumble or will it be enough consolation that they save a few pennies thanks to the GST cut? Yeah, I thought so. The electorate is a short sighted bastard.

Not in Toronto proper though, folks. Nothin' but Liberal red and NDP orange as far as the eye can see. For all the good it does. But still, good for us. Pat yourself on the back, urban bleeding heart bubble, at least you've still got your integrity. It will comfort you when you're busy being disrespected, undermined and ignored by the new Feds.

Okay. Yeah. Lil' Miss Bitterpants is off to get some more Advil.

Tomorrow: Less election talk, bring on the dancing girls!


"Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear"
~ William E. Gladstone


  1. Garry Hall5:25 PM

    Typical Yankee fan, ungracious in
    defeat. Your sister was equally
    upset that the Liberal parachute
    candidate won in our riding and
    now that he has leadership
    aspirations, she is sure that
    Etobicoke Lakeshore will be ignored just as it was with Jean
    Augustine. Paddy did come up with
    a good idea as to why Ignatieff would give up a pretty cool teaching gig at Harvard, where he is rubbing shoulders with the truly powerful, like Kennedys, Cabots and Lodges. She thinks he
    is in a witness protection programme and if is the Prime Minister of Canada, no one will find him. Remember that just because people don't arrive at the
    same conclusions you do, doesn't mean that they didn't think them through. Save me some of that champagne if Jack ever becomes the head honcho.

  2. Dear Sainted Bro-in-law...nobody wants Jackie boy to be leader. We need his bull dog self in there to keep the reformers and the liberals in line like he did in the last session. Wouldn't be any fun if he ran the show! What would those of us on the left complain about?

    I will, however, save you some champers to toast the broken social programs, dismantled health care and reversal of equal rights that will occur if the reform party ever gets their, their mandate fulfilled. Guess you'd like to toast that...? You know, since everyone who voted neocon did so with thought and caring and not out of rash backwards thinking.

    Oh - political discourse in the morning! Where the hell are the dancing girls?!?!?


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