Date Night


After wrapping up my week at CSIS on Friday night I headed to the Local for some drinks with Reimer and my wonderful and funny friend Mr. Doug Taylor. Mr. Taylor has a sharp tongue, a twinkle in his eye and the most magnificent way of making even the most rumpled and cat fur covered amongst us feel like nothing less than style icons, bless his heart. And Reimer? Well, I just need to get my fill of that man before he leaves the country. I imagine his departure will leave me feeling more than a little bit...widthdrawlly. Widthdrawlish? Widthdrawlsome?

After Happy Hour with my boys I headed to meet the Robeau in hopes of getting tickets to the opening night screening of Borat. We showed up an hour early, but all the tickets were gone already. So, boo hoo, no Borat for us.

Instead we browsed around the bookstore for a little while and then the Robeau took me to my favourite date night destination. The do it yourself car wash. Big soapy brushes? Oddly worded signage? Coin operated vacuums? All more fun than fancy dinners, flowers and candy. You can quote me on that.

Mr. Echo gets all the bird poop scrubbed off. He was so covered in it looked like he had been carpet bombed by pooping birds. Assaulted. In the dark of night. He didn't want to talk about it. And he refused the rape kit.

The do it yourself car wash is a technicolour world.

This would work for the ladies room too...

Little known fact: Charleton Heston used to write copy for signs in the do it yourself car wash.


Is it just me or does this look oddly like the US Homeland Security Advisory System? Except for the "Have a nice shiny day!" part. Tom Ridge would have been well advised to soften his message that way, don't you think?


  1. You're hot with the comedy today, Tracey. I'm laughing my ass off over here.

    "He refused the rape kit!"

    I drove up to Ottawa a year or so ago to see a show and the ladies' rooms were packed and I saw a bunch of women go in the men's room, so I followed them and used a stall in the men's room.

    I'm very relieved I didn't get deported, though, that would have made for a good story.

  2. Very nice:
    "Today's alert level is WAX. Run for your lives!!!!!"

  3. Oh yeah, the reason I told that story (forgive me!) is the "no wiping & drying while others are waiting" sign you said would work for the ladies room reminded me of it

  4. Trish, next time you head North you just have to try harder to get deported!

    Redzilla, thanks for coming by!


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