This just in! Rummy has fallen on his sword.


Great day in the morning! Of course this won't mean anything in the long run, but it still feels like a victory. The kind of victory that should entail dancing in the streets and kissing random strangers...wheeeee!

All about the new guy, Robert Gates, who you can hire to speak at your next meeting.


  1. Tracey,
    I always like a good excuse to dance in the street and kiss random strangers, and Rummy resigning is the best reason to dance in the streets I've heard about all year.

  2. At least he is allowed to speak in public ... Canadian Conservatives can't say boo unless Harper says it for them. Not sure if you caught the Rick Mercer Report a couple of weeks ago, but it showed Rona Ambrose unveil the environmental plan ... but Harper did all the talking. Pretty funny ... and so is this:
    Minty Clean Air

  3. Oh God, you Newfs are a RIOT. I love me some Rick Mercer!

  4. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I must say, my Canadian friend, that I am One Ecstatic Mama now that my country has a fighting chance at not going down the toilet on the stage of the world. Thank you, Great Spirit, that you saw fit to drag the Dems off of their plaid sofas and into the polling booth. GO BLUE! Even my very red state is now Completely Overrun With Democrats.

    (What? Too Many Caps? SCREW IT! I am So Very Happy!)

  5. Hell yes, sister!

    I totally did "the snake" when I heard. Very, ver badly...but it's the thought that counts, right?

  6. We're all giddy up in here, North America!


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