Kitty Carlisle Hart


I got the following sad email just now from The Leaugue of American Theatres. A long life, well lived. What a classy, classy lady.

It is with great sadness that we let you know that stage and film legend, Kitty Carlisle Hart passed away on Tuesday, April 17. She was chairperson of New York State Council of the Arts for 20 years, and a lifelong advocate for the arts. In her memory, the lights on Broadway marquees will be dimmed this evening.

When I think of her I think not just of her many accomplishments, but of Moss Hart and George Gershwin and oddly enough, The Simpsons and the gag done well over a decade ago involving the "perectly preserved head of Kitty Carlisle Hart".

All about Kitty Carlisle Hart

A fun film clip from "To Tell the Truth"

She was the best.


  1. RIP to Kitty. She had an amazing life AND was married to Moss Hart!

  2. That YouTube bit was a riot!

  3. OH MY GOD, I love her. That is so sad. I remember hearing an interview with her recently on NPR... what a lady. Thank you for posting those clips to remind me.

    (have a good weekend --Kim)


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