Happy Friday!


There is much on my mind.

I want to pontificate: Colin Mochrie, what were you thinking playing around with the likes of Karl Rove?

I want to praise: Way to go MLB. "I am Jackie Robinson"? Awesome.

I want to plug: Tonight, Basia Lyjak at the Elmo! Sunday night, Inside the Improvisers Studio with Mick Napier and Naomi Snieckus at The Second City!

I want to cry: Harper Government ignores Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

I want to congratulate myself: Getting up early and doing time on Relaxo before work! Photos published in the Star and Globe and Mail! Woot!

But REALLY, all I want to do is leave the office, go and enjoy the first wonderful blast of Spring weather and drink a beer. I'm sorry, Bloggy McBloggerson, but I just can't concentrate. So, when words fail me, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Please enjoy the following slide show I've put together as a portfolio of my photography.

Miss Tracey Nolan Photography

Let me know what you think. Constructive critcs welcome and even applauded.

I hope it's as beautiful out where you are. Toronto is glorious today! Happy Friday...


  1. I love 'em! You frame them so well... Nothing extraneous, just the good stuff. No criticism from me.

  2. Nothing in this post references Star Wars. I'm muy disapointidado.

  3. OH beautiful photos!! CONGRATS on getting them published; you certainly deserve it.

    Glad you are having wonderful weather. I have always wanted to visit Toronto! (Someday when I do, I will of course ask your advice on the best jazz-clubs!!!)

  4. Love the new layout! How did you get your own domain name? Through blogger or did u purchase? Super curious...PS. I read your blog for joy please don't ever mention K.R. Again. He is the most evil self hating (you just know he's a closet gay) jerk of a man. Ok back to happy Cece, now. lol

  5. I love the pics. Suddenly you have all these websites for your work. I feel like such a slacker now...


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