You Can't Stop The Beat!


Apparently our neighbourhood can double for Baltimore in the 1960's. I choose to think of this as a compliment.

The new film version of the musical Hairspray has been filming all over Toronto since August. Toronto Film Studios is right across the street from our house so a lot of movies use our neighbourhood for shoots. It's convenient and it's adaptable. Truth be told though, I've never seen the area so transformed. The set dressing for this movie is so detailed and so authentic. They've been filming in a number of different neighbourhoods in the city (including my sister's) and everyone has said the same thing...that they really started to feel as though they were somewhere else, at some other time.

I saw Hairspray on stage here in Toronto (in fact, it was the first show I worked on at CSIS) and I love it. I hope the movie holds up. The cast is great, and if the set is any indication they're moving in the right direction.

(Housekeeping note: to see the pics larger, just click on them).


  1. Didn't they already do a movie version of hairspray starring Ricki Lake?

  2. The white marble steps seem very Baltimore. That is cool. don't they pay you if they use your house for a film? You'll be RICH, rich, I tell you.

  3. Robby, this is the movie version of the Broadway show, which was based on the John Waters movie from the 80's which starred Ricki Lake. Just like what happened with "The Producers". Should be interesting.

    Trish, we live one street over. We have wooden steps and trees. Not as much character...and no movie money. Booo! Hisss!!!!

    Those steps really are Baltimore aren't they? It reminds me of Homicide: Life on the Street.

  4. I love these shots! Especially the Supreme's knock-off and the last pic (there's something about those cones...).

    How exciting! Have you ran into John Travolta in drag yet?

  5. Hey cast sightings, but I do think I would fall to my knees in complete respect if I saw Walken. He's sooo funny!


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