Remember when I said I couldn't wait to see what Sorkin came up with next week? Put that on a loop, would ya?


Towards the end of episode three of the new series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip the character of Jeanie Whatley (played by Ayda Field)
is despondent because a character piece she's been writing and performing on the show, based on Pantalone of Commedia dell'arte fame has "flatlined" with the focus group. She's admitted that it's not funny "ha ha" (we are talking about a parody of 16th century Italian Improvisational Theatre here) but now she's worried that she's not only making an ass out of herself by taking a chance with this obscure material, but dragging the show down with her.

Once head writer Matt Albie (played by Matthew Perry) insists that they are not going to cut the piece, even though she wants him to, Matt's Directing and Producing partner Danny Tripp (played by Bradley Whitford) turns to her and calmly dispenses these words of wisdom:

Commit to it. You're gonna feel a strong instinct to make it bigger. Fight that with everything you've got. No comedian you admire has ever been afraid of silence.

I fully intend to hear Bradley Whitford's voice whispering Sorkin's words of wisdom in my head when I put up my new show later this month. By the time this series finishes what I'm sure will be a long and illustrious run, There will be enough of these to fill a book. It's so awesome, I could weep.


  1. That's good advice re: not fearing silence.

    How are rehearsals going? Also, how is the show structured? Is it a one act? How long is it. I'm dying to know more.

    You have to post up all your fantastic reviews?

  2. That wasn't a question. I meant.

    Please post up all your fantastic reviews!

  3. I should post your first letter to Liam ... I still have it ...

  4. It says on the link that it is a one act. I need to practice my reading comprehension!

  5. Good luck, Miss Thang!

  6. ... I've seen your myspace page!

  7. I remember watching that episode and being struck by the same words - even though I can't perform woth a damn.

    Knock 'em dead lady!!

  8. Hey Gang! Sorry for the delayed response...

    Trish: The show is a one act, and is inspired by a letter I wrote to Robby Disco's kid. You can check out Robby's blog to see just how cute said kid is. It's very "conversational" in tone (I did standup for a long time) and features some character monologues as well. The version of me in the show is highly neurotic, which I'm sure you can tell is SUCH a stretch from reality! ;)

    Thanks for the words of encouragement (lovely ladies CeCe and Citygirl too!)

    Malnurtured Snay - where's my friends request???


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