Back at it.


Ten days off! Ten whole days people. And, no, I wasn't in rehab. I had a week of "use it or lose it" vaca saved up and when you pair that with a weekend on either end, including a long weekend for Thanksgiving, well...I'm no math genius, but I can count to 10! I have to say, coming back to work at CSIS today has been a pleasure and not nearly as stressful as I had anticipated. I'm actually relaxed. It's just...weird.

Here's a play by play of my vaca. Call me Vin Scully. Don't, however, call me and talk about my beloved Yankees getting trounced by the Tigers. That would just be mean spirited and you know it.


Join the Robeau in Muskoka where he has a gig and we can stay the night in a motel, gratis. I came armed with Febreeze room spray and an air purifier after this lovely getaway. We arrive at the motel and it looks no different from any other roadside dive. I'm immediately thrilled that we had the foresight to bring the purifier and disappointed that I didn't think to bring a bottle of wine. We step into our room and I think that I've leapt into some sort of alternate universe. Are those hardwood floors? In a roadside motel? Yes, yes they are. Aren't those chairs from Pottery Barn? Is this bed as comfortable as the one at the freakin' Hilton? Does it smell good in here? Yes. Yes. And yes. The lovely couple that owns the place recommends a Mexican restaurant for dinner where we go and I enjoy Mexican food that is both more authentic and more delicious than anything you can get in Toronto. Oh, and two margehritas, but who's counting?

Muskoka Chairs at the fancy resort where the Robeau was playing

The Robeau enjoys a nice, light snack


Say goodbye to the lovely couple who own the gorgeous motel in Muskoka. The husband (who's German or maybe Dutch) talks our ears off and shows us the other rooms. They are theme rooms...a "Group of Seven" room, an "Old West" room. I think our room might have been "French Bistro" or something along those lines. He's a sweetheart who loves the Maritimes and Nachos from the now defunct ChiChi's restaurant chain. There was a while there I didn't think he would stop talking...ever. When he did and we headed back on the highway home I realized he was the kind of chatty fellow who probably then turned to his wife and said, "They were nice, but BOY could they talk!" Seriously, I didn't say two words the whole time, not even two! If anyone out there is planning on visiting that neck of the woods, let me know and I'll find the link and telephone number to this place.


Post Season Baseball and all things culinary. I tired a recipe for Smothered Chicken in The Joy of Cooking that was a big hit and also went all seasonal with Twice Roasted Butternut Squash with Brown Sugar. Felt every inch the Domestic Goddess.


Head to Collingwood where the two of us stay in giant ski chalet, equipped to sleep over 20 people. It's the "off season". Collingwood is home to Ontario's best skiing in the winter and everyone wants to get away in the summer so the fall gets neglected. It felt as if we had the whole resort to ourselves. I took the time to work on some final revisions on the script for my show, the Robeau actually didn't work for a full day and relaxed enough to read one his man novels cover to cover. How stories about spies and intrigue relax a person, I don't know...

Our "Executive Style" Chalet which came complete with two jacuzzis, picture windows, a fireplace and a BBQ.

Sooo first....ten minutes later you're left thinking, "damn it's HOT! Who sits in front of these things for fun?!"

The picnic table on our upstairs deck, in the morning light

Blue Mountain


One of the reasons I enjoy Collingwood is because while there is a "back to nature" kind of simplicity to it, the main street in town is home to some really quaint little shops and a lovely little theatre. There are also lots of upscale grocery stores and a Starbucks. I like "getting away from it all" best when I can keep the comforts of home in tact.

The Gayety Theatre in Collingwood


Back in the I meet up with my family in Chinatown to celebrate my awesome niece Janet's 16th birthday. I just realized that I'm twice her age. I was sixteen when she was born. Good grief.

The Birthday Girl

Paddy (mother of the birthday girl), Aunt Paula, Aunt Tracey, my Mother (looking unimpressed), unseen in photo, Aunt Mo...cause she took it!

Not a fun place for vegetarians

I love the colours in Chinatown (yes, more than the smells)

What else happened that day? What else? What ELSE? Oh, right...Yankees LOSE...The-e-e-e-e YANKEES LOSE. I begin contemplating a return to Catholicism just so I can start saying the Rosary in support of Joe Torre's job security. Ugh.


Enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner at my Mom's. Homemade gravy beyond compare. Beyond. Compare. I drown my baseball induced sorrows in it. I made Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin which, if I do say so myself, were rich, sweet and melt in your mouth yummy. I topped the dish with savoury bread crumbs which was a nice touch but I think I was a little heavy handed with the bread crumbs. Next time, less bread crumbs, but just as much heavy cream, cheese and brown sugar.


Strangely, feel no remorse for previous day's indulgences. Enjoy another quiet day of working on my script, walking around downtown and showing respect for my inner nerd by watching the season premiere of Doctor Who.

Well, Bloggy McBloggerson, I guess that's it. I'm pretty long winded, huh? Tonight I'm off to see the opening night performance of Wicked at the Canon Theatre. Should be fun!


  1. Funny ... Momster (aka pregosaurous) wanted sweet potatoes too. So I made "Candied Yams". But seriously ... who wants to eat candied yams when its 20 degrees celsius outside?

  2. Love the pictures! (Especially the worm-eating one.)

  3. Man novels! I like that phrase. I got a bit thrown by Thanksgiving. Not to be a blind American, but I'm thinking Thanksgiving, I'm thinking November.

    I liked the pix of the colorful flowers. Beautiful.

    Oh, btw, I decided Myspace wasn't for me. I deleted my account, but thanks for adding me anyway, Tracey.

    The show is going to be great. I know it.

  4. Well its nice to see you are back, and all of that food made me want Thanksgiving to be here tomorrow. The food, and of course my b-day is on the same day this year!!
    But back to you-what script are you working on?

  5. Tracey,
    You mentioned a button or an ending in sketch comedy on my blog. You've written and performed sketch, I think. Didn't you work with Second City?

    I wanted to ask you how long should a sketch be ideally? Is it structured a particular way?

    I love the format. I do. I'm curious.

  6. Robbie Disco: I'm sure you're yams were supreme. You're the cook in the family!

    Jenny: Thanks for stopping by. I just read your Oscar the Grouch entry and nearly peed my pants. In a good way. In a good way...

    CeCe: Thanks for the Welcome Back! The script I'm alluding to is the same one I've been talking about forever! For my one woman show...which will all be over in a week - hooray! Congrats on your business start up, btw, sounds yummy!

    Trish: It's a fascinating format, the sketch comedy. I went through the Conservatory program at Second City where I learned how to write sketch through improv, which is the way they do things there. It's hard to put a clock on sketch in terms of length...some of my favourite sketches are waaay longer than would be considered appropriate, but that makes the form more theatrical, I think. My pet peeve is sketches with no end. Give that sucker an ending or don't do it all, I say!


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