All The News That's Fit To Print*


* If by "news" you mean just general stuff that's been going on in my life. And if by "print" you mean self publish via 'ol Bloggy McBloggerson. Yes, that's my life. Just like the New York Times. Just like it. No different.

Me: Did you hear?!?!
Bloggy McBloggerson: What happened???
Me: Well, nothing really...

This past week has been very full what with two big Opening Nights ("Wicked" at the Canon Theatre and "Legends" at The Royal Alexandra Theatre), a very cool charity event Friday night for a very cool organization, a girl's night out at Zee Noixy's and my tech run for "Letters to Liam" at the Bad Dog Theatre (which went smooth as silk). Oh, and I've upgraded my Flickr account as well. There's more pics and more categories and more ways for me to waste time on the internet! It's a full life that I lead. There's a reason I don't fold my laundry.

Next week promises to be a particularly busy week at CSIS and what with my show opening Friday night (and closing Sunday...there's no run, just an opening night and a closing night!) it promises to be a week that will require a certain amount of calm and zen like "not letting the small shit stick in your craw". At least that's what the Dali Lama suggests. Yeah, I was surprised by his use of "shit" and "craw" too. He's more folksy than he looks.


  1. That Dali Lama. He's such a fucking riot.

    PS. He says hates it when you spell it "Dali Llama" but secretly he lives for that shit.

  2. Your life sounds fantastic, if you ask me.

    I know the show is going to be wonderful. Stay zen!

  3. That Dalai Lama, he is down with the regular folks!


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