It's Official. Fall has arrived.


I saw my first fallen leaf on my street this morning. I loved the red of the leaf against the pavement and how the veins of the leaf are still green. It's as if rigormortus hasn't yet set in.

Suddenly all I wanted to do was wear something plaid, buy a new warm coat and kicky new pair of boots and get a caramel apple cider at Starbucks to go. It begs the question, can snow be far behind?


  1. I love the photo, Tracey, but I hate, hate the cold.

    Thanks for the friend offer for when I join myspace!

  2. I love,love,love fall! Like I'm actually laying in bed at night smiling. Its so cheesy, but I cant help it. This time of year is the best.

  3. Cece, you just love it cause you're birthday's in the Fall right?

    Trish, get on that myspace thing! It'll give you something else to do when the weather is cold and you don't want to go outside!

  4. That's a perfect fall shot, Tracey. The boy and I love this time of year. We've already started snuggling up under a blanket and watching our favorite tv shows. All we need now is a night chilly enough for some hot chocolate. Yummy!

  5. Thanks Citygirl! I love it too. I even love that it's getting dark earlier...


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