Photo Series: My Toronto


Part Two: Leslieville by Night

I was always a West-end girl, until November 2004 when we packed up our little band, crossed Yonge Street...kept going...crossed the DVP....kept going...and landed in Leslieville. I won't lie to you, the first week or so I felt like we had moved so far East that I was now in Scarborough. Or Newfoundland. Or Bangladesh. I soon adjusted though and I love our chosen neighbourhood. A mixture of salty and sweet, Leslieville can be quaint and charming while holding on to its factory town roots with avengence. I think Leslieville after dark holds a little more salt than sugar. And I like it that way.

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  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Well done JT. If I weren't so proud I'd be jealous!


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