Remember that saying about "picking your battles"?


Well, those obsessed with political correctness and (one-way) tolerance have struck again! Actually they struck in October of last year, but I'm just hearing about this now. It must have happened when I was sitting with my fingers in my ears "la-la-la-ing":

"Politicians in West Midlands, UK banned the display of toy pigs and other pig-related items in municipal offices as a result of a single complaint from a Muslim. Among the banned items were piggy banks, novelty pig calendars and a tissue box featuring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet."

Say WHAT?!?!?!

No. I'm sorry. WHAAAA???

This just makes my head hurt. It also makes me wish that I had been aware of this insanity when Toronto Muslim groups protested on Bloor Street two weeks ago, crowding the sidewalks, making it difficult for us to get into Lulu Lemon and generally annoying people. Because of a cartoon. I would have worn a piglet t-shirt or something and flashed it at righteous sign carriers. Also, please be aware that I will be protesting "Cathy" cartoons the next time I go bathing suit shopping or eat a brownie. It's my own personal holy war waged against statements like "Shoes are like chocolate for feet!". You've been warned.

I've also decided to include one of the cartoons that appeared in Jyllands-Posten and caused the uproar in the first place, as a reminder of the fact that free speech is being trampled in the name of religious rights and tolerance:

And this, just to remind you about what I will be fighting against this Spring, in a change room and/or bakery near you:

Here's a MUST read:
  • Islam images or Mohammed throughout history

  • And Irshad Manji, smarty pants, keeping it real:
  • Muslim-Refusenik

  • Abadee, abadeee....fight the power people, and keep your pigs in plain sight.

    Cathy...I'm lookin' at you!


    1. I'm right with you on the cartoon issue. The way I see it, its more important to guarantee the right to offend than to allow people to respond violently to an offense - which may be totally unbenownst to the 'offender' in the first place

    2. Anonymous10:07 AM

      BT here. As you know, I enjoy reading prose of earlier centuries. Recently re-read Owen Wister's The Virginian published 1903. Want to relate a story from the book.

      The cowboys are getting dressed for a sermon from a visiting preacher. The bunkhouse dialogue is as follows:

      "Well, I'm a Christian, anyway," one declared.
      "I'm a Mormon, I guess," said another.
      I belong to the Knights of Pythias," said a third.
      "I'm a Mohammedist," said a fourth; "I hope I ain't goin' to hear nothin' to shock me."

    3. Innaresting points Tracey. I've been avoiding this whole issue (except for suggesting that it'd be a good idea for westerners to gather in front of some TV cameras with signs saying "Alright, alright, we're SORRY." Just because that'd shut people up.

      But I followed your link to Irshad Manji's site and was very surprised to learn that the shit-stirrers had actually made up fake cartoons... that's fucked. It's the great trick of shitheaded leaders to make up fake enemies. Too bad its so easy and so effective.

      Lastly, a Jihad on Cathy's creator would be AWESOME. Can we kill Bill Keane too?

      peace out.



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