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A Torontonian with a serious coffee habit, I write mostly about parenthood, my adventures in the kitchen and my attempts at living a stylish life.

I love New Orleans, mornings on the front porch and I think you should listen to more Oscar Peterson.  I cheer for The New York Yankees, The New Orleans Saints and The Toronto Raptors.  I have a love / hate relationship with the 24 hour news cycle and fried chicken.

I share my home with my husband Jim (AKA The Robeau) and our daughter Lenny, the most photographed girl in the GTA.

I work as a social media marketing consultant and photographer.  Sometimes I get to write about jazz music too.  My life is pretty cool.

Teaching a workshop on Photography for Bloggers at BlissDom Canada.

I started this blog back in the dark ages of the internet (remember 2003?) with a post that promised a place to come for news about me, Tracey Nolan, "comedienne, girl about town and less exciting than you would imagine party guest."

In the early days of this blog, my official bio would have read something like this:

"A graduate of the Second City Conservatory, Tracey Nolan has taken her sweetly subversive brand of comedy to stages all over Toronto and to The Chicago Center for the Performing Arts where she was invited to perform as part of the Funny Women Fest."  The reality was a little more "stay out late, get paid in beer and hate yourself in the morning for recycling that hack joke about the garbage strike."

Never let it be said I don't put the best face on things.

As my life has evolved over the years, so has this blog.  I like it best that way...a reflection of my delightfully random life.

Photo: Lauren Hammersley  Make up: Summer Faith Garcia

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