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If I'm going to be honest about it, there were a good two years there were weekends meant, quite literally, nothing to me.  The Robeau and I were both freelancing and Lenny wasn't in school yet.  One day just sort of flowed into the next. We were likely to be off gallivanting on a Tuesday and burning the midnight oil on a Saturday. Didn't matter.

Now that Little Miss is in JK, weekends are suddenly a thing again.  The last two have been humdingers.

Here's how we closed out April, while the Robeau was working on the West Coast.

Here's Lenny with one of her all-time favourite people, Miss Kelly.  They're kind of soul mates, in case the matching outfits didn't give that away. Last weekend we were fortunate enough to see Monty Alexander with his band the Harlem Kingston Express at beautiful Koerner Hall. Thank you for asking us to join you, Miss Kelly.  Here's just a taste of what an absolute treat Monty Alexander is in concert:

I wish I could have managed to sneak some video of my kid dancing during the show, because, well, there are no words, you guys.  She was on another level that afternoon. I'm not even sure how to describe it.

And then she got to meet "Mr. Monty" backstage after the show.

She also got to hang with the beautiful and talented vocalist Caterina Zapponi (who also happens to be Mrs. Alexander). Cat was very kind to put up with Lenny dancing in her sight-lines throughout most of the show, too. When she got up to sing a number during the encore, I thought I'd have to pick Len's chin up off the floor. "Miss Cat" left her in awe. Hello, hero worship.

Since the concert hall was right next to one of Lenny's favourite places in the city, the Royal Ontario Museum, we popped in for a visit after the concert and got to meet the new dinosaur.  That sounds like an oxymoron.  Maybe I should say the newly discovered dinosaur? Anyway, here they are. She looks almost as pleased as she did backstage. Kids and dinosaurs, man. What's that all about?

And that? ^^^ That never gets old.

The next day, we headed down to Maple Leaf Square Jurassic Park to cheer on the Raptors while they played what turned out to be the last game in the first round of the NBA playoffs.  It was a bad game. And a terrible series. There's just no two ways about that. But we had a lot of fun before the game. And we can't wait to see our Raptors back and better than ever next season.

The folks at MLSE really do know how to throw a party. And this time, I managed to get a few seconds of Dancing Girl 416's moves on video. She looks like Paddington Bear with that tshirt over her faux fur coat. What a spectacle. She's different, alright.

If there's one thing I always say, it's that 4 year olds love 2 Chainz. No, wait, nobody says that.

And if that wasn't enough fun, the powers that be caught wind of her dance moves and gave us VIP seating to watch the game from the grandstand. I'm sticking with this kid. She brings the party wherever she goes.

The real highlight of the day was when THIS happened.

Forget highlight of the day. That was a LIFE highlight. She loves him so much, and I have got to give whoever it is inside that costume props for making an extra effort to make a young fan happy. They don't call this guy the best mascot in the NBA for nothing.

Who's got it better than me and this little ketchup covered mover and shaker? Nobody. Hashtag blessed all over the place in this mutha.

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