Programming Note: All new season of Curious George starts on PBS this week!


Today CURIOUS GEORGE: A Halloween Boo Fest returns to PBS KIDS! Anyone who has already seen the Curious George Halloween special knows that it is an instant classic, so, you know, hold on to your hats!  If the kids in your life are anything like Lenny then you've been watching it all year long.  The big news?  The annual airing of Boofest is kicking off season 9 of Curious George with a whole week of brand new episodes!
Season nine!!! That's staying power.  I'm starting to think that the new season of Curious George is becoming as much of ritual in this house as picking out a pumpkin, enjoying the colourful foliage and realizing I don't like Pumpkin Spice Lattes as much as I think I do.  A big part of last Fall was the season 8 premiere starring Carol Burnett.  Lenny still wants a front-loader and I still tear up a little bit when I think of George tugging on his ear.
This year the new adventures with George and my not so secret crush, The Man with the Yellow Hat, debut on PBS KIDS October 28-30.  Plot lines include George testing his super spy skills and exploring an aviation museum. October 28 features the premiere of “Submonkey,” an underwater adventure that includes the song “Down, Down, Down,” performed by Belinda Carlisle (be still my grew-up-in-the-80's heart!).
The week of Halloween will also feature Halloween-themed episodes from other PBS KIDS shows, including DINOSAUR TRAIN, DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, WILD KRATTS, and more. Check your local listings.

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