Celebrating Twenty Years of the Beach Studio Tour


At Nathalie Vachon's beautiful home, Studio 12 on the tour, where you can also see the work of Sandra Greenwood, Lampwork and Glass Jeweller.
This afternoon I had the pleasure of getting an exclusive preview of the 20th Anniversary edition of the Beach Studio Tour.  For the past 20 years artists and artisans in the Beach neighbourhood have been showcasing their work (and their workplaces) every Spring and Fall.  It's easy to see why this tour has such staying power; the art, which is exceptional, is the draw but the homes and gardens that you get to experience are a very close second in terms of appeal.

Decorative and functional pottery by Paula Childs, showing at Studio 13 

I am currently obsessed with the beautiful, light-filled paintings of Michaela Nessim, showing at Studio 10

Some stops on the tour have dogs, too!
Louisa LaBarbera's wearable art is as popular as ever (showing at Studio 10).
Honestly, the homes themselves are so beautiful and the gardens are breathtaking.  Feast your eyes on this. Seriously.

Elizabeth Berry's watercolours and her home felt almost inseparable.  That said, you should totally buy one.

Roderik Mayne's beautiful portraits, oils and watercolours fill Studio 8.

John Dowding has some captivating photographs showing in Studio 6, including this one shot in Cuba.

One of the highlights of the studio tour is getting a glimpse at how these artists work.  Designer and Hand Weaver Lucille Crighton (Studio 6) has this amazing operation taking place on the top floor of her house.  You'd never know the kind of garment production that takes place in her beautiful home if you were walking by it.

Shelley Cinnamon (showing at Studio 5, just steps from the Leuty Lifegaurd Station) has an enviable array of supplies set up near a window by her kitchen.

Artist Bev Quinn is showing gorgeous abstracts in Studio 4
Also in Studio 4, sculptor Noriko Yamaoto who is showing whimsical fish and angels as well as this striking nude which brought to mind Henry Moore.

The paintings and linographs of Heidi Burkhardt and the work of Woodturner Jennifer McKinnon are so well matched (both showing in Studio 3) it's hard to imagine them apart from each other!

First stop on the tour (Studio 1) features striking photos from Shabnam Khosrowshahi and Textiles from Mixed Media Artist Janet Donaghey.

Also, not to be missed on the tour, Felicity Somerset's abstract photography (Studio 13),  the charming ceramics of Karen Franzen, which look good enough eat, tour veteran Diane Shelton's breathtaking paintings (both Studio 7) and the almost unbelievably evocative textile work of Sheila Thompson (Studio 2).

There is something so special about not just hearing about the art from the maker themselves, but seeing how and where the magic happens.  I would highly recommend getting yourself down to the Beach this weekend, grabbing brunch or dinner and visiting some (if not all) of these studios.  The artists are all very welcoming and in some cases, even provide treats, drinks and live music!

Click here for a comprehensive guide to the tour including information on the artists and the studio locations.

The Beach Studio Tour takes place today, Friday October 24th from 6pm - 9pm, Saturday October 25th from 10am - 6pm and Sunday, October 25th from 11am - 6pm.

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