Things I want to remember about June


Coming back home from a blissful May in New Orleans was kind of difficult.  Lucky for me June turned out to be more than a little alright.  Family, friends, music, celebrations.  Keep it up, Summer 2014!  A few really special things I don't want to forget...

This is indeed a right of passage for any Nolan girl.  Lucky for Lenny, Aunt Mo runs the Social Media initiatives for Silent Sundays at the Revue and just about the whole clan came out to join in the fun.  I've been sitting on the fence for years (for real, that's crazy) about what Lenny's first in house movie experience should be.  Buster Keaton's The Navigator was the perfect choice.  She's been playing Buster Keaton games for weeks. Success! Team Buster!

Aunt Paddy, who happens to also be the excellent film blogger Caftan Woman, chronicled the day here.  She says it better than I could.

Soul Rebels in the house, y'all!!!  My favourite brass band in the Tdot just a few weeks after I saw them in Nola?  Yes, please! Lenny showed them how she's been practicing her 504 chant.  She was a big hit.  They were on their way to Europe after this show and joked that they were going to take her with them.  Something tells me she'd be into that.

Elvis Costello played 2 1/2 hours of some of the most hauntingly beautiful music I've ever heard at Massey Hall on June 15th.  His endurance and musicianship and humanity...just wow.  Also, a rare date night with my BFF.  A perfect evening.

And then, there were the birthday celebrations.  Viv turned 2!  There was a wonderful backyard BBQ with great friends.

2 year old DAREDEVIL!

Lenny loves Sarah so much she literally says things like "I wish Sarah Sisko was wiping my mouth"

And yes...the glasses are fakes.  But she continues to wear them all the time :)
With Kath in her beautiful backyard and Desi AKA The Farmer's Only Daughter (Thanks for the pics Sarah!)
Then there was Céline's birthday party at the Jazz Bistro during the Oliver Jones show. I've already talked about how great the music was but the company was killer too.  I was so focussed on capturing the band with my camera I forgot to take any fun party pics.  Thanks to Rosemarie and Mo for these awesome shots.

With the birthday girl and the awesome and talented Rosemarie 
One of Lenny's besties, Sully Cooper turned 3 this month and he invited her to join him on a trip to Ripley's Aquarium.  It was amazing.  We adore Sully and his whole family.  It was a great day.  I didn't manage to get many pictures because they were total moving targets.  I Love their friendship.

Bring it, July... 

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