True North


Painting by Jeff Molloy

Nothing says "Canada" more to me than the beautiful Hudson's Bay Blanket.  It's colours and texture are so uniquely of this place.  I remember we had one when I was growing up and it's nubby texture and itchy comfort are so engrained in my senses that I can still feel it today.  The jackets are equally ubiquitous, I had one that I found at a thrift store when I was in my 20's and wore it to death.

What I'm finding inspiring these days is the idea of thinking outside the traditional uses for the blanket and taking them on picnics or using them to upholster furniture.

via Kinfolk Magazine
Sometimes, you want your Canadiana more traditional.  This image via The Canadian Look: A Century of Sights and Styles (1965).

To see even more Hudson's Bay Blanket goodness check out my collection on Pinterest.  Happy Canada Day!


  1. When I was a kid I saw Lorne Greene at a Grey Cup game or parade and he was wearing the Hudson's Bay Jacket. Pa Cartwright never looked so cool.


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