World Pride in Pictures


By far my favourite poster in the parade.  So brilliant. Warmed my heart to see Harvey represented.
Tiny Elton John supports Olivia Chow for Mayor
This young lady gifted these awesome butterfly glasses to Lenny.  She, of course, loves them!
More Oliva love.
Yes, the naked people.  I include the naked people because 1) Lenny saw the naked people and cared not-even-a-little-bit about their nakedness.   The naked people do not freak kids out (at least not this kid) she couldn't have cared less.  And 2) The repeated sight of 60 year old cocknballs was enough to give me the fortitude to go sleeveless.
I set my big ol white arms free.  It was a PRIDE MIRACLE.
This visual had me singing a Kay Thomspson song in my head, which is precisely why I was the kind of girl who hung out nearly exclusively with gay men when I was in my 20's.  I am well aware that this is the kind of reference that makes me a dinosaur.  I can deal with it.
This cheerleader came running over to Lenny, gave her a PFLAG sticker and spoke so sweetly with her.  She was...overwhelmed.  After the photo she thanked her and then said to me, "did you SEE her pom poms?!"  It was a rare shy moment for Len.
This was not a shy moment.  This, was a mutual admiration fest.  These guys were AWESOME!  
Later tonight, back at home, a rainbow.  The perfect way to end World Pride in Toronto.  This gave me the chills.

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