Fashion Friday: My Imaginary Steamer Trunk


So last week I mentioned that packing light was a point of pride for me when travelling.  What I forgot until now is that the last week of a long trip like this one is when I start to regret that.  

This black maxi dress and the neutral cardi and scarf can take me anywhere, yes.  But damn, what I wouldn't give for some colour right about now.

What I wish I'd packed in my imaginary steamer trunk:

Jackie O rocking the brights in Capri

via Reseal

Silk caftan by Donald Brooks, photo by Howell Conant at the Kuwait embassy, 1966

O, Jackie.
Cherry Blossom Dress via Etsy
Pop of Yellow via Harpers Bazaar
via Penningtons
And finally, this beauty that I saw in the window at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Shops at Canal Place.  

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am caftans are everywhere all the sudden?  I'm about to go all Mrs. Roper all over Summer 2014, count on it!

Remember, if there's anything you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, just let me know!

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