Fashion Friday: Kimono Scarf Edition


Fashion Friday is coming to you right under the wire today, friends.  Because it is before midnight in Louisiana. BOOM! Here's the thing.  It's hard to blog when you're busy burning daylight in your favourite town, with your favourite people.  We really need to get better at putting Lenny down before it's super late though.  All of these late nights will not end well. Hashtag parenting fail.

Today, we headed across the Mississippi to check out Algiers Point and we fell in love with it immediately.  Small town feel, beautiful surroundings, a record store, lots of cafes and a kick ass playground.  We'll be back for sure.

When travelling, packing light is sort of a point of pride for me.  This time, I'm making the most of this lightweight Kimono Scarf from H&M.  It's something they're selling as a cover up for the beach, but I'm wearing it over everything.  It's relaxed, lightweight and versatile.  I have a habit of wearing beach cover ups as street wear and I don't see myself giving this habit up any time soon.  

Interestingly, this is a "one size fits all" garment, which doesn't usually include those of us that wear plus sizes, but this fits like a charm.  What a pleasant surprise!

The Cuff and Pendant from Addition Elle provide just the right Boho touch.

I've been totally digging the Caftan / Kimono revival, especially what I've seen from Boho Chic Queen Rachel Zoe and from Anthropologie.  Effortless dressing in the Summer?  Yes, please!

Kimono Scarf from H&M
Skirted Leggings from Old Navy
Tank Top and Accessories from Addition Elle
Shoes from FitFlop

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