Head Cold Sunday


There have been moments over the last three years where The Robeau and I have actually wondered if Lenny had that condition where you feel no pain.  Like her nerve endings were messed up.  Wasn't there a movie about somebody like that? It sounds like something Robin Williams would be in.  We legitimately worried about this.  That's how tough this kid is.  She'll fall face first on the pavement and before she can even get up and dust herself off she's yelling "NO, NO...NOTHING!" Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along.

"I like my boo boo.  It feels GOOD." That's a direct quote.  That's something she actually said while staring at me dead in the eyes.



So, when she woke up Sunday morning screaming, thrashing and looking totally insane I knew there was only one answer.  Tough guy had a head cold.  Sure she can handle anything...until her nose is stuffed up and then it's game over.

She's like a man.  A tiny, demanding man.  I knew the next 24 hours were going to be tough so I tried to approach it with enthusiasm.

I called it HEAD COLD SUNDAY! It's gonna be an extravaganza of COUCH TIME! With lots of CUDDLING! Featuring bonus TV SHOW viewings! I need a SARS MASK and mainline of VITAMIN C! MARVEL AS I TRY TO KEEP UP THIS ENTHUSIASM!!!

Poor little monkey.
The first few hours were fine.  Then the meltdowns started.  We all have breaking points.  What? You thought she was the one having the meltdowns.



Cats just KNOW when their people are sick.  Pickles was a champ on Sunday.
She's feeling better now, so I can laugh about the last couple of days.  Well, I can keep laughing but less manically now.

If you need me, I'll be at the Pharmacy buying a year's worth of Vitamin C, Cold FX and Purell.

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  1. Poor you!

    I used to love it when Gavin had a cold. He'd be feverish and lethargic. I can keep up with lethargic.


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