My Fall Wish List


It's been a wonderful and busy Summer.  We wait for Summertime all year long in Toronto.  It's so fleeting...sometimes it feels like it's over before it began.  Squeezing every last drop out of Summer can be exhausting, too.  I'll be honest, when I woke up on Tuesday, the day after Labour Day Weekend, and there was a chill in the air it put a spring in my step.  I need some time to rejuvenate after the Summer madness, before the holiday whirlwind.  Here's how I'm hoping to do it.

1. Pumpkin Spice everything and Chai Tea Lattes, preferably on a patio so I can wrap myself up in a warm, chunky scarf.

Enjoying my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. Make mine a quad shot, half sweet, please.
2.  Getting back in the kitchen.  The Summer is all about BBQ and quick salads.  I can't wait to get back in the kitchen to braise something and make batch after batch of soup.

3.  Fall is the only time of year I ever want to bake.  This year, I want to try my hand at mini pumpkin pies.  Don't these look dreamy? Via Pinterest (where else)?

4.  I want to read a few chapters of a book in front of a fire place.  Don't care where. Somebody's house?  A coffee shop?  Doesn't matter.  The point is, I'm on the hunt for a fire place.

5.  See a movie at TIFF.

6.  Have a picnic on the beach.  Yes, in the Fall.  It's beautiful...and empty.

7.  Go for a hike at the park / ravine area at the top of our street.  We went last year on Thanksgiving and it was so lovely.

8.  Buy myself a new pair of stylish yet sensible boots.  Maybe something with a pop of colour.

9.  More family day trips!  I'm thinking Buffalo, maybe Uxbridge?

10.  Two words: Pumpkin Patch!

11.  Roast the pumpkin seeds and carve the pumpkin with Lenny.

12.  Take more pictures for pleasure.

13.  Spend an afternoon alone at the Art Gallery.

14.  Take Lenny apple picking.

15.  If we can't manage to work out the logistics of apple picking, then go to the green grocer and buy up a bunch of apples, let her try a bite out of each and then bake a pie with the leftovers.

16.  Collect Fall leaves with Lenny and take them home to make leaf pictures.

17.  Would love a repeat trip to a winery this year with my girls.

18.  Date night!

19.  Buy a new seasonally appropriate shade of lipstick.

20.  Even when things get hectic, cause you know they will, just remember to take some time to just hang out and enjoy the moment.

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  1. It's the most wonderful time of the year.


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