Turning Two: Part Two


I knew that I wanted a fun interactive element to Lenny's 2nd birthday party that the kids and adults could both enjoy. I've always wanted to do a photobooth at a party but the whole idea of setting up a backdrop and camera on a tripod and trusting said camera to the fates at a party...it's just too overwhelming.  So I decided that with the cool enough props I could forgo the backdrop and if our guests were informed ahead of time to bring along their cameras (or their camera phones!) it could be just as effective.

I collected a few props from the Dollar Store like feather boas and funny glasses and noise makers.  The big picture frame is from the Craft Store and all of the other props are FREE printables from the great blog Oh Happy Day!  And they are GORGEOUS! All I did was print them out, spray glue them to foam core and then cut the shapes out with xacto knives.  The tasks were far from arduous, in fact it made for a fun girls' night with my pal Jen (the kitty in the top hat, below).  Tape some trimmed dowels on the back (read: sticks) and you are good to go!  Say Cheese!

My mom is Batman.  I should have known all along.

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