Turning Two: Part One


I figure since Lenny is still talking about her birthday it's OK for me to blog about her party a few weeks late.  There was a lot of daydreaming and pinning that went into planning this little shindig on my part and a lot of home repairs and building that went into it on the Robeau's part.  You guys, he built a pergola!  Like with wood and nails and stuff.  Crazy.  My man's a handy man.  

Here's a peek at what things looked like before the guests arrived...

Lenny and I share a love of Pinwheels.
She requested pink balloons.  I liked the idea of keeping them simple, solid coloured and mylar.  I feel like just having two makes more of a statement then a whole big balloon "bouquet" would.
Sidewalk chalk to let you know you are at the right place.
Hot Dogs!
I made a lot of popcorn bags and a lot of popcorn!

Pink Lemonade!
Pre-made cocktails (lemonade and vodka) in mason jars for the grown ups!

Note the toddler-friendly bowls of Goldfish Crackers and Raisins.  There were also Apple Slices which were a big hit.

Splash Pad Fun!

Ice cream cone shaped and scented bubbles for party favours.  Every Summer party needs bubbles.

Up next, photo booth good times!

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