Just off Canal Street...


Who's got two thumbs, just went for a rooftop swim at dusk and is enjoying free internet access and a glass of Malbec in the Moroccan inspired hotel lounge while the baby and boyfriend take a nap?


Just popping in with a quick progress report.  Lenny has been a champion traveller.  No meltdowns on the plane rides, no meltdowns in the hotel.  She seems to really enjoy feeling the warm breezes off the Mississippi and kicking around in her stroller sock-free.  She's been a charming little lady to all of our friends down here, new and old, and is as comfortable in the hotel room as she is at home, which is to say she remains her goofy, playful self.  Also?  She has produced two new teeth!  These are her New Orleans teeth and from this point forward, will only be used in the consumption of beignets and red beans & rice.  Don't tell our Pediatrician.

Tomorrow, to make up for missing her Rainbow Songs class back home, we'll be taking in Irvin Mayfield at the amazing Wednesday at the Square concert series.  Much as I love our Wednesday music class, I've got to say this has got it beat...if only on account of the trumpets, pulled pork and margaritas.

The grown ups are both hella-relaxed and I, for one, am feeling grateful, rejuvenated and both more in love with this city than I've ever been and happy about heading home in a couple of days to resume our lovely life in Toronto.  And now that I've typed that I expect disaster to strike in three...two...

See?  I'm not completely changed.

A sort-of family portrait, before we head out to the Gay Easter Parade in the French Quarter...

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