GOOD Friday!


We leave for New Orleans tomorrow morning (hooray!) but today was not a quiet day spent packing and wishing tomorrow was already here, on the contrary, so much fun stuff went down!

First order of business was lunch with not one, not two, but ALL THREE of my sisters in Kensington Market to celebrate Caftan Woman's Birthday.  Check out how badass these ladies are...

Kensington Market is such a special part of Toronto and it just comes alive in the Spring.  I can't wait to take Lenny to this part of town when the weather warms us.

Forgive the poor quality of this camera phone shot from a bakery on Baldwin, but for someone as Sesame Street obsessed as I am, this was important to share.

After a great lunch at Fresco's (the Fish & Chips joint that plays Beatles music exclusively) where we got the one and only table (yay!) we browsed around Blue Banana where I stupidly did not buy this:

I should have bought it.  I have nothing to wear with my PJs while I watch the Royal Wedding!  Also, look how nicely it compliments my parka (natch).  Which I have to wear in late April in Toronto.  Have I mentioned how excited I am to be spending some time next week in a warmer climate?  ENOUGH already with this behaviour, North East.  Enough.

I know some of you were acknowledging Good Friday today and some of you were celebrating Earth Day, but to me, April 22nd will always be Caftan Woman Day!  I love you Sis, I'm sorry about that one time, when I was a teenager and I bought you a tote bag and a porto-mug for your birthday because it fell on Earth Day. I shouldn't have bitched about the paper plates we ate your cake on either.  I roll my eyes at my teenage now if that's any consolation.  Who did I think I was putting the fate of the panet above cake?  Kids are so dumb sometimes.

Then when I got home a bunch of my best girls came over for dinner with their families to celebrate the long weekend and the fact that Yvonne, Robb, Liam and Norah are visiting from Ottawa.  I miss those guys so much and wished they lived closer to home.  Every chance we get to spend quality time together is really, really welcome.

Look at all these kids!  Two members of the class were absent today too.  We need a reshoot in the Summer with this gang and Sam and Maggie.

Just the girls!  Sorry Liam and Gabby!

And the Mamas!  Weirdest thing about this shot is we're lined up the same way the little girls were, which is a total coincidence.

It really was a Good Friday.  Soon, we'll be in Nola, just the three of us.

I can't wait to see this guy.  He's everywhere in New Orleans, which tells you everything you need to know about the place.

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  1. Some days will live for a long time, and this was definitely one.


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