"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care" OR "That one time I almost forgot to get my baby a stocking".


I bought Lenny her stocking at Pottery Barn on the 23rd after the desperate (!) realization (!) that my child did not have a stocking.  Panic, people.  Panic.  It was the last one they had, of any description, so lucky for me it's so pretty.  Later that night I picked up some glitter glue at Dollarama and held my breath while I wrote her name on the cuff.  This could have been a total disaster but I'm happy to report that I had a steady hand and I think the end results are quite charming.  Jim and I both still have our childhood stockings and it was important to me that Lenny have something nice enough for her first Christmas that I would want her to live with it forever.  But, you know, no pressure.

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