Little Dickens


Our happy little band lost a member last week and we miss her a lot.

The Robeau had to take Dickens to the vet last Friday evening after we found her suddenly dizzy and listless. We didn't know if there was anything really wrong with her, but she didn't seem herself and we were worried. The vet did a number of tests and tried to re-hydrate her with an IV and after about an hour of this they realized that her organs were shutting down and that we would have to have her put to sleep. The Robeau was with her the whole time; I was home because I am, apparently, terrible in a crisis. They don't know what happened, it could have been any number of conditions that she was living with, but I guess the diagnosis isn't the important part. The important part is that she was her same old self all day long until the very end (she even had "soft food" that afternoon).

It was an absolute joy for us to share our home with her these last seven months. We're heartbroken that we didn't get to have more time with her. During this move she's been utterly relaxed, making friends with everyone. We had a house full of people just last Wednesday night and she stayed and mingled with everyone. I remarked to my sister that "Dickens is everyone's favourite and all she has to do is show up". I thought it seemed a little unfair to the other cats, but nobody else seemed to care.

Dickens was their favourite.


  1. What an absolute pleasure to have known Dickens. It was a brief encounter that will long be remembered. That charming little furball had a star quality.

  2. So sorry.. Webster passed away in January and I'm just now looking for someone to take his place, although that still doesn't seem possible.

    And congratulations on your new studio.

  3. Oh I'm SO SORRY... oh that is so sad. At least she had some good, treasured times with you in her life before it happened, she must have loved you both so much!!


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