Still in the land of the living. Just not in the land of the blogging.


Hey Cats, sorry about the prolonged absence. I've been thinking of you whilst I move boxes (thought bubble: I should really blog about moving these boxes!). We're getting settled in with the aid of our many generous friends and wonderful family and we are loving the new house. People have been so helpful I've managed to move while hanging on to a full time job, working on my part time job(s) obsessing over post-season baseball and maintaining a pretty busy social life. So, there's that. I'll be back with more regular updates soon...including a recipe for the incredible and easy Sweet Potato Soup I whipped up last night. Seriously. You can thank me later.


  1. 1. I am loving this photo.
    2. I am looking forward to seeing your recipe.
    3. I can totally relate to the moving / not blogging thing. Glad you are loving your new place, though!!

  2. I love anything with sweet potatoes! Glad the move/getting settled is going so well. It took us about 6 months to get everything the way we wanted it when we moved.

  3. Busy lady! It must be so fun to be getting all settled in & using your new kitchen. (Yuuumm sweet potatoes!!)


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