Capturing Families


A couple of weeks ago I had a photo shoot with my old friend Rachel and her family. Her husband Ramon is a brilliant cook with a great sense of humour and her two year old Sophie is a spirited little girl who lights up a room with her smile...if she decides she wants to smile. It's totally up to her, you guys. And you can't make her. Believe me, I tried. I caught up with them them on a hot Saturday in August, the day after Rachel started maternity leave for her second baby.

The very next day Miles Gabriel made his appearance. They are calling him Gabriel because they think it suits him more. Sophie calls him Smiles Gabriel, which is so sweet it might just rot your teeth. Sorry about that, I should have warned you!

Welcome to the gang, Gabe. Thanks for letting me take your picture. I'd suggest you get used to it.


  1. Is it just me or does he look like Donald Meek?

    Wonderful photos that will be cherished. Congratulations to Rachel and clan.

  2. I love the photos you posted - witty, funny, loving and memorable!


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