Taking the Paint Plunge


We are getting to that stage in the renovations where it makes sense to commit to wall colours. We may even be buying some paint tonight! I had no idea this would happen so fast! I'm finding this both exciting and a little overwhelming. My sister, who is the family interior designer, has offered some great advice and some beautiful paint chips and magazine clippings.

Not sure if these will read accurately on your monitors, but even if they don't, isn't it always fun to look at stuff like this?

I'm loving these warm, soothing, Pottery Barn inspired colours. I think "Lychee" would be beautiful on the living room and dining room walls - that area is sort of open concept and I think that painting in the same neutral would be a wise choice.

The top of this chart "Tracery Entrelacs" is the front runner for both the master bedroom and the guest room. My office is teeny tiny and I think it would be really fun to paint it a dark colour so that the light wood furniture I'll be using will pop. Initially, I was thinking of charcoal grey but now that we are going with a very light blue for the two rooms next to it, I think it might make sense to go with something from the deeper end of this colour family, "Smoked Turquoise" or "Spring Evening".

As I've mentioned before, I'm embracing the decades old dark wood cupboards in the kitchen and going for a mid century modern look. I've always loved blue and brown together and think a saturated turquoise would be the perfect accent colour for the kitchen. I found this card at Home Depot and it's as if somebody at Behr was reading my mind.

"Embellished Blue" and "Ultra Pure White" are exactly what I want for that room. It's a bright colour which can make one a little nervous (what if my kitchen looks like it should be an extra in a Wham video?!) but I think I need to try for this. It's important to me that the kitchen be sunny and cheerful and I think this will be just the ticket.

There are a few more decisions to be made - a couple of rooms we haven't given much thought to - but I can feel my mind leaving paintland and moving into whatdowehangwhereland already. Slow down brain, there's still a month until you move in!


  1. Goody, goody! Clap, clap, clap! Did you buy some paint, did you?

  2. Oh my god I love blue & brown together like that too!! It's going to look lovely... how fun it is to pick all that stuff out, enjoy it!

  3. As much as I love the look of brightly colored walls, I don't think I could ever abandon white paint. It's just so easy to change furniture/decor when the walls are a blank slate. That blue is excellent, by the way!


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