If you watch the clip of this Joe Wilson character shouting at the President and can get past your own anger at his stupid, stupid stupidity you might just be entertained by watching Pelosi and Biden react. Poor Joe Biden. Joe Biden is sad for humanity. Or as he would put it "I am literally sad for humanity. Literally!" Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, looks like she could go kick some ignorant Republican ass. I love how pissed she looks. It's as if she's giving face to the emotions of level headed, sane, decent people everywhere.


  1. The hubby was watching this in the "wrecked" room. I heard profanity as is usually only heard during Hockey Night in Canada. He bounded up the stairs to vent about some idiot and praise the President's pissed off look. I responded with what I hope was an appropriate nod of the head and pump of the fist. After all, it was Claude Rains night on TCM and I've got my health care.

  2. Yes it was great to re-watch their facial expressions!! I am sick of hearing that guy Wilson keep on about it though, how he won't be 'muzzled' nor apologize twice. What a douche. Pelosi could definitely kick his dumb ass.


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