You can always count on Diane Keaton for an awkward giggle.


That's one of the reasons I fucking love her!


  1. OH MY god, I have alwasy fucking loved her too!! Love her!!

    (Hope you are having fun at the conference still?)

  2. (Whoa, what's with my spelling error above? Where am I? What is happening??!!!)

  3. This is a cute clip!

    Tracey, I wanted to thank you for your recent attempts to help get things calmed down at a certain jazz forum. i received a note last evening re. my recent posts that just stunned me, from the big guy. I doubt I'll be hanging out there any longer, and wanted you to know. (but *not* to drag you into any controversy.)

    Sorry if this post is inappropriate or ill-placed, but I'm not sure where to contact you and admittedly haven't looked at, well... your contact info., over there in the sidebar.

    all the best,
    e.c. aka clave aka Spinning aka ???

  4. Gotta love that FUCKING personality!


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