Unfair Advantage.


Today was the first day of the annual IAJE conference, which is being held here in Toronto this year. If today was any indication it's going to be an awesome weekend. Expect very little posting from me until next week, because I'll be busy taking in all the workshops, clinics and shows I can handle. Hell, I might just get Carpal Tunnel from holding my camera!

In the meantime, check out the current online cover of the New York Times (click on it to make it BIG) and tell me that isn't the funniest headline you've ever read. I dare you!


  1. Okay. The New York Times HAS to get out more - or they've been going to the wrong places!

  2. Oh my god. There is something wrong with that!

    I am jealous of your conference! HAVE FUN and post some photos later!

  3. I can only echo somuchsugar here:
    Oh. My. God.


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