“This taught me a lesson, but I'm not quite sure what it is.” - John McEnroe


Conan O'brien is being harrassed by a Catholic Priest. Which should come as not surprise given his youthful appearance. That said, the funniest part about this story is that the stalker / man of god also appears to have issues with McEnroe! He calls him his "childhood nemesis"!!! Go on, read all about it. I'll wait for you:

Cops: Boston reverend harassed NBC talk show host for 14 months

NOVEMBER 8–A Boston Catholic priest was arrested last week for stalking Conan O’Brien over a 14-month-period. According to New York police, Rev. David Ajemian, 46, was nabbed November 2 outside the NBC studios in Rockefeller Center as he tried to enter the building for a taping of O’Brien’s late-night talk show. A criminal complaint filed against Ajemian charges that the priest sent O’Brien threatening notes written on his parish’s letterhead and contacted the parents of the 44-year-old comedian, who grew up in Brookline, a Boston suburb. In his notes to O’Brien, Ajemian allegedly referred to himself as “your priest stalker,” and when he was denied entry to a taping, Ajemian wrote, “Is this the way you treat your most dangerous fans?” In his bizarre letters, Ajemian refers to John McEnroe as his “childhood nemesis,” claiming that the tennis star once assaulted him while they were seventh grade classmates at a Manhattan private school. Ajemian added that he “once went after” McEnroe and was “still waiting for his confession as well.” Ajemian, who is facing aggravated stalking and harassment counts, allegedly began contacting O’Brien last September. He is currently being held on Rikers Island and, if convicted, faces up to a year in jail.

Now, I know this isn't really funny (stalking catholics are frightening), but the thing is, everytime I think of McEnroe I remember the time Noix used him as an verbjective. As in: "I'd better eat something or my blood sugar is going to get low and I'll get all McEnroe". Besides, can you even IMAGINE what McEnroe would have been like in 7th grade? Whooping somebody's ass? I bet he let his racket do the talking, allright. That's a sitcom waiting to happen right there!


  1. Priest stalkers. Yawn.
    I went to Catholic school, so I know from crazy.

    (have you heard this expression? - it's from my youth)

  2. Oh, poor Conan!! I love him.

    I would have LOVED to been on McEnroe's side in 7th grade, that is for sure... We could rage via our rackets together!! :)

    (THANK YOU for that link!! I am getting the BEST recipes!)

  3. SeanKaye6:23 AM

    Hey Tracey, how come Father Brennan (God rest his soul, I'm sure he's dead now, or well north of 100) was never that interesting? Trudging up "church hill" in the snow would have been much more entertaining if Father Brennan had a "nemesis" or sent people odd, but vaguely threatening letters. All we got was an old guy delivering a boring mass to a couple hundred uninterested kids.


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