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Went to the opening night of Sweeney Todd at the Princess of Wales Theatre tonight with Mo and the Robeau. Run, don't walk, friends. It's the touring version of John Doyle's bold re-imagining of the Sondheim masterpiece - a "chamber production" where the actors all accompany themselves on instruments. The legendary Judy Kaye is a pitch perfect Mrs. Lovett and David Garry (filling in for Michael Hess) is too strong to be mistaken for anyone's understudy. Chilling. Amazing. If you have the opportunity to check this out, do it. I might add, a very clever person decided to serve Bloody Marys and meat pies at the after party. Don't you love it?

And now, because this show defies description, check out a clip from the Tony Awards with the Broadway cast of the revival:

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  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    JT- I will never forget the perfection that was our "Sweeney Todd"! A million thanks. Hurry people, go to the box office. NOW! Mo


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