A Gentle Reminder:


Bankers, Lawyers, Cable Companies, Phone Companies, Internet Providers, Doctors, Dentists and Candle Stick Makers...they work for YOU. That's right my friends. You are the boss of them. This is something I think I just realized today.


  1. SeanKaye6:19 AM

    Hey, whatever makes you sleep at night...

    I know that whenever I ring my ISP, I KNOW that I'm the customer, but I'm also accutely aware that the person on the other end of the phone makes probably as much in a day as I'd spend on a good lunch with a few colleagues, has their job constantly under threat of being moved to India and with a few simple keystrokes has the power to disrupt my access to Facebook and YouTube for a few days at least...

    Now, I ask you again, who is wearing the pants in this relationship?

  2. Stop making me think, dude.


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