Separated at Birth


Yesterday, after a lazy breakfast with Reimer, who is spending some time in Toronto this fall, we popped into a costume shop that was having a big blow out sale. Like kids in a candy store, you might say. We have some history in this area. I laughed till my face hurt.

Here's Reimer in the bear head he regrets not taking home...


I'm pretty sure we have to do a Christmas show together now. I'm also pretty sure that we need to call ourselves "Illiterate Faggot".

I found some really cute scarves for 50 cents each, an evening bag for only $2 and cute beret that I procured for a mere $5. Reimer is usually one of those complimentary types, always with a nice thing to say about a girl and her appearance. I popped on my new hat and when I asked him what he thought he shook his head and said that I looked like Sam Kinson! What? Well, I never!!!

Upon some reflection, I think maybe he was right.


  1. Totally keep the hat. Totally.

  2. I'm with camille - the hat must stay.

  3. Oh - you're gorgeous chica!

  4. You look way sexy in that hat!! (And your MUCH more witty than Sam Kinison could ever be!) Thanks for the "You're My Thrill" tip - I have a bunch of Ella stuff but not that particular song, so I will get it IMMEDIATELY!! Thank you.


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