New Rule


I've had this bottle of champagne in my fridge for months. Real champagne too, not sparkling wine. And I've been saving it. You know, for a "special occasion". Last night we drank that bottle of champagne. You know why? Cause it was a Tuesday night.

New Rule: From now on, champagne on a Tuesday, for no reason. Valentine's Day? Anniversaries? New Years? Franks and Beans and Diet Coke.


  1. Life is not the trailer, it's the feature presentation.

    A little more butter on the popcorn, please.

  2. See what you did there?

    You said what I said, only better : )

  3. Ech. I'm a saver-of-good-stuff too. I hate it. I'm going to take a page out of the CW/MTN book and live me a little more life, pronto.

  4. I enjoy treating mysel on no occasion more than I do for "special" days.

    Hey - do you wear the beret during romantic moments? (heh-heh)

  5. I would also like to point out that (let's see, what time is it now...) 8:33 a.m. on a Thursday might be a good candidate for champagne!! Yes, I agree.

  6. I need a Tuesday Night Special.

    Let me think....

  7. Every day is a special day when Tracey's around :D


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