Get Drunk or Die Trying


"Sorry Ma'am, we don't have any change."
Stumbled on a prop sale last week in Toronto's film district. They were selling off items from rapper 50 Cent's movie "Get Rich or Die Trying". Lots of pimpin' furniture and signs from New York correctional facilities.


Being the troublemakers we are, Reimer and I tried to talk the staff down on all the prices. More specifically, we wanted to pay no more than "fity cents" for anything. I had no idea prop sales people had NO sense of humour. Nobody got it. Nobody. They just kept telling us that they didn't have change! What the hell?

Reimer got himself a "Shaft" jacket for two bucks. I managed to find some great (very simple, not at all pimpin') martini glasses for a dollar a piece. Took home seven of them.

And guess what?

I like my martinis shaken...not shot!

Boom - chicka!

I'm here all week.

Try the bullets.


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  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Hilarious. I refer to 50 Cent as 5 dimes, 2 dimes and a quarter, etc... How about chump change? Ok... I better stop... (and sign this anonymous)...


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