This week in pictures


It's been a busy week Bloggy McBloggerson. I've not felt like writing much, but the viual part of my brain was alive and well. I snapped a lot of pictures. Sometimes I find this is a nice way to clear my head and the quick and easy iphoto and photoshop stuff on my computer allows me to have instant results. As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm a BIG fan of instant gratification. If digital cameras had never been invented I may have never taken a picture. Ever.

Monday night found me at the scenic Old Mill Inn where Mo, the Robeau and I went to see Andy play as part of the new trio, "Generations". The trio is led by the legendary and wonderful Gene DiNovi, with Andy on Guitar and Dave Young, one of the best, and recent Order of Canada recipient, on bass. It was an amazing night of music, played for an enthusiastic, sold out crowd.

Mid week found me at the latest "Moustache Rock Comedy Show" where Reimer (visiting from Boston) and Kirk bring their wacky characters, Tyson and Todd to life and host a bunch of Toronto's top stand ups in a variety show format. The catch? You have to grow a moustache to be in the show. Here's Reimer out of charcter, doing his stand up set. I love this picture because it looks like he could be opening for Lenny Bruce:

You can see all the pics from the 'stache show over at Flickr, if you're so inclined.

Let's see...what else happened this week? What happened that kind of made everything else stop? Something made people CRAZY this week. Mass hysteria, panic, the widespread inability to talk about anthing else. What WAS it???? Oh. Right. It snowed. And that's weird cause, you know, it's CANADA in WINTER.


  1. That first photo is my favorite. Something about the composition, splendid.

    Great photo of you, Tracey.

    I interupt my comment on your artistry to ask a question.

    I want to get a digital camera super cheap to sell crap on ebay. Any advice. What's the minimum I can get away with. The key words being super cheap, I don't need it to create art, just to sell stuff. I don't have the first clue about digital cameras.

    Last week was crazy in Pennsylvania, too. Was it a full moon, I wonder.

  2. Winter in Canada is nice...but I just hate when the largest snowstorm of the year gets in the way of evening plans ;(

  3. Wonderful photos, Miss T! Love them!

  4. Snow? And here I was just complaining about the rain here. I think it looks so gorgeous in your hair!!

  5. That picture of you is crazy pretty!! I can't believe your living with the snow when here in RI its practically spring.

  6. Trish, I found this link with some cheap cameras:

    Although, I'd say borrowing a friends camera phone might be cheaper. OR, you could get a disposal camera and ask the place you develop at to put them on a disk for you. That'd be cheap too!

    Thanks for the photo compliments, internet friends : )

  7. That 1st pic is so idyllic. It's like something from an old movie.


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