The sky is, really.


Last night at 1:30AM I sent a bulletin to my myspace friends.

Watching Obama in Selma today got me thinking...

In "WE WUZ ROBBED," Spike Lee explores the presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore in November 2000. Through first person accounts with campaign workers, advisors, confidants and speechwriters for Al Gore, Lee illuminates the confusion over the Florida polls and chronicles a historical political event that has led to what some have called the first American presidential "selection."

I've posted this video on my profile. I urge everyone to take 10 minutes to watch it.

If I'm going to have an account at a website owned by Rupert Murdoch I figure I'd better spread some good news. You guys can follow the link to myspace to the right and take a look at the video too. Spike Lee is the man. And it's never too late to talk about these issues. Just because time has passed doesn't mean democracy wasn't hijacked.

A few hours later, this morning, when I walked out my front door I heard the sound of helicopters. This is not the norm. Toronto feels like a war zone today, people. The weather is so messed up that major stretches of highway and roads downtown are blocked off because of fear of ice falling off of office buildings and the CN Tower, which happens to be the world's tallest free-standing structure. That's right. The damn thing is 553 metres tall (that's 1,815 ft for my American friends) and there are large sheets of ice, traveling at crazy high velocities, whipping around the dowtown core. I can see the tower out my window at work. I keep looking at it, waiting to see some deathly ice sliding down it's side. Nothing yet. The CN tower was built 31 years ago. This has never happened before. Coincidence?

When I went for a short walk at lunch, fighting against the wind every step, I was certain that I was going to end up like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, attacked by a rogue icicle. It was his lie, but it would become my reality.

Clearly, I've got issues.

If Al Gore was President of the United States, would I be having these issues?


  1. No. You wouldn't.

  2. Good God woman! Why did you leave the house? Wasn't this the perfect day for snuggling inside and pretending all was right with the world?

  3. I agree with Cece above!

    And I completely agree with you about those issues - it's never going to be too late to talk about them. Thanks for the link.

    (Can't believe your weather - sounds awful!! I hope you can stay warm and maybe get home early!)

  4. Is it wrong to admit that I would REALLy like to see the killer sheet of ice? Did you see an inconvenient truth? Pretty eye opening. Now they say that even if we did everything right, we still couldn't stop global warming...nice huh.


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