The sky is still falling. Proceed with Caution.


Major stretches of highway and city streets were closed again today, but apparently we're headed for a bit of a deep freeze so the ice falling from the sky thing should cease to be an issue. I took these pictures yesterday after work in an attempt to document the weirdness of it all.

Looking out the window at CSIS before I leave for the day.

A busy section of King Street closed to traffic during rush hour. It looks like a ghost town. In fact, I think I just saw a tumbleweed.

To Serve and Protect.

Police tape, flapping in the bitter wind.


  1. wow, that is crazy.

  2. Thats amazing. I don't suppose you have picts of the actual ice falling?

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  4. That wasn't a tumbleweed, dearie, it was a frozen scalp from someone who had the misfortune of walking by when a particularly sharp ice slab fell... =)

  5. I love the first picture of the skyline. What a great angle. That is awesome.


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