Blue Mercer


Andy Scott plays at the CD release party for his latest effort, the already well received Sackville release "Blue Mercer"

Our friend Andy has just put out another wonderful recording on the Sackville label. "Blue Mercer" features two originals alongside a slew of wonderful tunes written by the great Johnny Mercer. It's a well conceived concept, beautifully executed by all the renowned players that appear on the disc. It's a special treat to hear Andy play live - I always walk away thinking how wonderful it is to have such talented friends, knowing full well that I'd be at this show, thrilled to be there, even if I didn't know him and the great group of musicians he had with him.

Jazz fans, I'm talking to you: get out there and get yourself a copy of this disc. You can thank me later!

Family Portrait: Andy's lovely wife Mindy and son Mason (who is, by the way, an errand boy for rhythm) enjoy the music. That's the amazing Neil Swainson on bass.

Swainson, Ryan Oliver on Tenor, Joel Haynes on drums and Trumpeter Jake Wilkinson entertain the Saturday afternoon crowd at the CD release party for "Blue Mercer".

The Robeau and I enjoy the show Saturday afternoon at the Pilot. (photo courtesy Mo)


  1. You now have like 3 pics with you and the Robeau

  2. I never thought I'd see the day, Robby Dicso!

  3. You seriously have great hair. Seriously.


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