I know what you're thinking...


You think that Relaxo ate me. Well fear not, Bloggy McBloggerson, "Participatction" has not been the end of me. I am alive, just not alive on the intornet. As mentioned earlier, Blogger is indeed being a douche. Of course, if you are reading this, the douchery has subsided at least temporarily and I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds me. For free. Thank you Blogger. I adore you. Even when you're being a giant douche.

Relaxo is treating me well, thanks to all the great music suggestions that you sent my way. I've also downloaded a bunch of "Arrested Development" tunes - remember that great Hip Hop act that was popular in early 90s? GREAT workout music. Just great.

Expect updates really soon on The Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra and Wynton Marsalis and Toronto's newest jazz club Live @ Courthouse. Also, Golden Thai Curry. That's something that I want to talk about a lot. I'm not kidding. A LOT.

In the meantime, please enjoy this disgusting and amusing bit of yester-year. And you thought there was only one!

I am NOT done!

Now I'm done. Feel free to go about your business, you MINDSTICKERS!


  1. Now that is sci-fi: "Attack of the Mind-Stickers".

    Hi-larious. Thanks for that.

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    TAB is the answer, I thought it was Fresca...now I'm' all confused.
    I wish I could wear a kerchief like the TAB Lady-oh so chic indeed!
    Thoes commercials do stick in my mind, I want to wear a kercheif, I want to play tennis, I want to go to the beach and I want to drink Tab with young clone of Ronald Reagan????

  3. Tracey,
    The mind-sticker guy was looking at the mind-sticker girl like he was stalking her . She should switch to Fresca!

    I can't get youtube to work for me anymore. It's being a douche to borrow your words. (it's a new catch phrase)

  4. Trish-

    Youtube stopped letting me post to my blog when Blogger forced me to switch to New Blogger.

  5. Me too, you guys. I just copy and paste the embeded link now. Works like a charm and no waiting.

    Noixy - a comment - at last ; )

  6. Well congratulations on sticking with that new fambly member and not relegating him to drying your unmentionables. I exercised for one week and have now been off for two. This may just have to be my cycle.

  7. Littlebird,
    Me, too. It was the new blogger, that must be it. I thought youtube was rejecting me.

    I copy and paste the embedded link? Wait, I have to go to youtube to figure it out. I want to post a couple youtube things but couldn't. Youtube stresses me out. Where is Relaxo?

  8. Whoa, that guy is CREEPY!! Looks like he's about to pounce on that poor 'lil Tab-drinkin' lady!


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