I want to be a Mind-sticker!


I don't have much time to write here Bloggy McBloggerson. It's only two days until Valentine's Day. And I have a LOT of Tab to drink before then. Confused? This will explain everything.


  1. Ok while her floral dress/nightgown was very cute I just don't get it. lol maybe b/c its like the crack of dawn (really 9:30) and already I am ready to home.
    What are you getting the Robeaux for valentine's day?? Do share!

  2. Um where are you? and how was your valentines day??
    What I really want to talk about is everything that's been going on over at Greek Tragedy. I just adore Stephanie, but now she has cut off comments and no new posts...
    As an aside isn't it great that we are like blogging girlfriends and now we, or better yet I, am gossiping just like we would in real life??

  3. Tab is the Fresca of colas. It scares me. Do you remember Fresca. It was big once and you can still get it, but it's hard to find b/c consumers came to their senses.

  4. Trish, that is too funny. Someone told me that my point of view on something was refreshing the other day and I then said I was like "Fresca". Went over like a lead baloon, I tell ya ; )

    CeCe, you're my gossip girl. I love it! And I did notice that she closed up comments on that post. Weird, I thought. Though things seem to be back to normal over there. If SK shopping at Walmart is normal!


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