On Boxing Day...


First things first, for my lovely American friends, since they asked:

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas (December 26th) and is observed as a holiday in the UK, and in other Commonwealth countries, like Canada. They say it got the name because it's the day that people "box" up their Christmas decorations and put them away until next year. I personally like to wait until after the new year to take down my Christmas cheer, but I'm one for procrastinating. Remember, Bloggy McBloggerson? I told you I'd write on Boxing Day and here it is, the day after Boxing Day and you're just hearing from me now.

Boxing Day is probably the biggest shopping day all year in Canada (much like your day after Thanksgiving). There are massive sales and people line up for hours to spend some of the dough that Santa left them on computers and cookware and skinny jeans. Do you see, my lovely Americans, how we are different and yet the same?

I wish I were shopping right now instead of sitting at my desk at CSIS pretending to get work done. I tried to be productive, I really did, but there's only so much you can do when just about everyone else has taken the week off. Bah-boxingweek-Humbug!

I had a lovely Christmas which started on Saturday with a trip to visit some of the Robeau's family in Sarnia. We were treated to a yummy dinner and lots of great conversation. We then drove to London, Ontario that night and spent two very comfortable nights at the Hilton (fancy!). London was were we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with the Robeau's family and where we were treated to the warmth that comes with watching little kids open piles of presents. Expensive video game? Pack of crayons? Didn't matter, it was all gold to them. Next year, I'm wrapping up a rock and putting it under the tree, just to test their level of appreciation. Christmas afternoon we headed back to the T.dot, Oscar Peterson on the CD player and coffees in hand, to have Christmas dinner with my family. My sisters prepared a feast of turkey and the trimmings that was just perfect. It was a great hang, just chillin' and yackin' and everything it should be.

Boxing Day we headed to the movies to check out "Dreamgirls". Suffice it say that any movie that inspires a Toronto audience to cheer, hoot and applaud DURING the movie was a lot of fun. Applause break = recommended.

Here's hoping you all had a lovely holiday weekend filled with family, friends and stuffed fowl.


  1. Boxing Day! I've always heard of it, but never knew what it was. I like it. I like it very much.

    Tracey, My God, The Pandora. It's incredible. Where have I been. I tested it out. I'm going to sign up for it tonight.

    One other thing. Redzilla is on blogger and Vox. I did the same thing. It's kind of like syndicating your content. I changed the name of my blog. But the Vox is easy to use. You should check it out. You could have Miss Tracey. blogspot and Miss Tracey. vox. What ya say.

  2. I'm everyeverything.vox.com. It's all the same stuff, but the Vox seems easier to use and NICE templates. Join us.

  3. Am I making sense? If not, sorry. I saw Mandy P. photo again outside the theater. I think I'm beginning to fall for him!

  4. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Boxing Day explained, I love it. I swear I thought it had something to do with a giant fight throughout the streets of Canada that ended with lots of broken bodies and bloody noses. I'm so glad you're here to edumacate me, Tracey!

    So glad you had a loverly Christmas. It sounds all romantic and rustic and modern. Awwwwww!


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