Oh, Bob Woodward, you SD, you!


So I'm sitting here right now watching Larry King. I think that I'm in for an evening of old men in big glasses saying nice things about a man, a former POTUS who frankly, seemed like a nice guy. An honest guy. A decent guy. Then Bob Woodward shows up and starts stirring the pot. He has some conversations that took place between him and President Ford in 2004 on tape. He was instructed not to play these tapes publicly until he released a book based on them or until President Ford passed away. They're scratchy, they're almost garbled but the intent is clear. Ford did not agree with what Bush was doing in Iraq. He would have done it differently - sanctions, things like that - not war.

When President Bush made his statement this morning about Ford's passing he said "For a nation that needed healing and an office that needed a calm and steady hand, Gerald Ford came along when we needed him the most".


Looks to me like his Nation needs a little healing right about now. Hell, the world needs a band-aid and an aspirin while we're at it. Seems like Gerald Ford knew that. Seems like everyone but Mr. Bush knows it sometimes.

Strength, wisdom and good judgment. Whatever happened to that stuff?


  1. Bush's unbelievable refusal to see the will of the American people is an essay in arrogance and egomania that is the antithesis of Gerald Ford. Ford was a modest man who did the right thing for his country at great cost to his own ambitions. He was a patriot.

    Bush is a zealot. History will tell the story correctly, we can only pray.

    Great post, Tracey

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Woo-hoo, go Tracey, go Trish!

  3. Well said, Trish. Like Maderine said. Woo Hoo!


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